Industry Solutions

Specific solutions for a wide variety of organizations.

We provide professional document management, storage, and shredding services to hundreds of businesses in industries demanding long-term document retention, confidentiality, security, and reliability.


Meeting the concerns in dealing with PHI, HIPAA, HITECH, and retention requirements to manage information for timely and secure destruction is critical for any medical related business, including major hospitals, governmental health agencies, regional clinics, surgery centers, and individual practices. The DocuTeam helps professionals involved in the medical industry meet their needs.

Real Estate

All real estate related entities, including mortgage, escrow, title, legal, and commercial/residential sales, need to securely store their important documents and have them available when needed. The DocuTeam offers the local presence and customer service to make them available for review at our conference room or deliver upon request.


City, state, and county governments and their many departments have the need to organize and retain vital records and information for recall and review. The DocuTeam’s local presence and document tracking procedures help to provide the services necessary to support many government agencies.


Private, corporate, and business attorneys’ case files and supporting documentation need confidential and professional management for timely delivery and review for litigation purposes. The DocuTeam can deliver 24 hours, 7 days a week to make sure any needed files are readily available.

Banking & Accounting

Bankers, private/public CPAs, tax accountants, and bookkeepers deserve secure and well-managed off-site storage and secure destruction of critical records – on a timely basis. The DocuTeam helps to manage the lifecycle and privacy requirements of these documents from storage through destruction by use of retention schedules that minimize holding costs.

All Companies

Insurance agencies, restaurants, fueling stations, retail operations, agricultural entities, and other specialized businesses all have specific document management, storage, and shredding requirements. The DocuTeam can help to develop document management and destruction policies tailored to your specific industry.