Document Management


Document Organization.

Before putting your documents and information into storage, we organize, inventory, bar code, and categorize them to meet your specific business needs.

Industry-Specific Policies & Procedures.

Every business that handles consumer-sensitive information is required by law to have document management policies and procedures in place. We help you keep your information and business protected.

Disaster Prevention & Recovery Plans.

Disasters happen often, and they can happen to your business too. We help you prepare for the worst so when disaster does strike, your business can recover.

Retention Policies.

Every business needs policies that outline their document retention requirements. We work in conjunction with your corporate council to develop comprehensive retention policies specific to your needs.

Training & Support

A plan is only as good as the people who implement it. We train your staff how to properly destroy or recycle documents, prevent disaster, and recover from an unfortunate catastrophe.

  • Be Compliant.

    Countless laws and regulations require you have written policies and procedures detailing how you manage, handle, and protect sensitive material. We keep your business compliant while you rest easy.

  • Save Time & Money.

    To comply with tough regulations, you need processes in place and staff who know the requirements. Do what you do best while we manage the details – without added salaries, benefits, or liability.

  • Protect Essential Data.

    With customized processes in place, you’re in control. We prepare you for the worst—computer viruses, fire damage, employee theft, or other catastrophes—so when disaster strikes, you can recover.

  • Get Organized & Consistent.

    Too often, businesses suffer from lost information, misfiled folders, and disorganization. We create records management policies and train your staff so nothing falls through the cracks.

Case Studies

Information Handling Procedures


Document Management


Real Estate

Client Need:

to write policy procedures and employee training for the handling of sensitive information. There was a new branch office location. The manager felt that they have a lot of documents, but staff hadn’t been trained or what to do appropriately with papers, but they knew it didn’t feel right to throw away. They wanted a document management program that would implement policies and procedures to guide the employees.


The DocuTeam delivered a customized template to meet the client’s needs for the writing and implementation of new policies and procedures for document destruction. The DocuTeam was also able to provide a 14-minute training video to the employees. Dave met with upper management twice to get to know the business needs, and then delivered.