Privacy Policy & Confidentiality

The DocuTeam provides confidential record storage and related services to a broad range of clients. Maintaining the privacy and security of our clients’ vital records is our number one priority and the cornerstone of our business. The DocuTeam will take every reasonable precaution to make sure that our clients’ vital documents are secure at all times and their privacy and confidentiality is maintained.

It is the policy of The DocuTeam LLC to comply with the privacy requirements of all state and federal statutes, and acts. Respecting and protecting customer privacy is vital to our business and to the businesses of our clients.

a) The Privacy Policy explains the Following:

Protecting the confidentiality of our customer information. Who is covered by the Privacy Policy, How we gather information, The types of information we share, why, and with whom.

b) Protecting the Confidentiality of Customer Information:

We take our responsibility to protect the privacy and confidentiality of customer information very seriously. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal and industry professional standards to store and secure information from unauthorized access, alteration, and destruction. Our control policies, for example, authorize access to customer information only by individuals who need access as defined by the access authorization form and security measures employed. Our storage facilities are designed to keep intruders out with a perimeter fence, infrared exterior digital surveillance system, security alarm system with motion sensors and interior camera and a comprehensive fire suppression system. The DocuTeam does not use third party resources for the transportation of records unless approved and authorized in writing by our client, the owner of the records. The DocuTeam retains full traceability for all transactions and transfers of records in writing and with a signed receipt by an authorized recipient.

c) Who is Covered by the Privacy Policy:

We provide our Privacy Policy to customers when they conduct business with our company. At no time will The DocuTeam share any information owned by a client without their express permission in writing to do so. Our clients retain ownership of their records at all times; the professional staff of The DocuTeam is chartered to manage our clients’ information on their behalf. This Privacy Policy applies to current customers or former customers.

d) How We Gather Information:

As part of providing document management and destruction services, we may obtain information about customers from applications, agreements forms and the physical records of all types which are transported and deposited into our facilities and cataloged into our database for tracking and monitoring. This information crucial for the operations of our clients’ businesses and may include: third party personal information of our client’s customers, credit information, personal information, medical records, original documents, intellectual property, real property records to name a few.

e) Information We Share:

The DocuTeam reserves the right to share who are our clients by business name only. The DocuTeam does not share client contact information, or any other information about our clients without their consent to do so. The DocuTeam does not sell or share contact information to telemarketers or other marketing organization at anytime. The records managed by The DocuTeam at all times remains the property of our clients. At no time will The DocuTeam provide, share, deliver or permit access to any record owned by our clients without their express written permission to do so except as defined below:

We may provide information to third-parties without customer’s consent, as required by law, such as:

  • To regulatory authorities and law enforcement officials.
  • To protect against or prevent actual or potential fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims, or other liability.
  • To respond to a subpoena or court order, judicial process or regulatory authorities.

Privacy Measures & Procedures

  • The DocuTeam does not open client boxes unless asked to retrieve a record. No client, vendor or visitor is allowed in the warehouse at any time without first signing into the visitor log. All visitors are also are attended to by a employee of The DocuTeam at all times while in the warehouse.
  • Clients are not allowed access to the warehouse to retrieve or view their records. They are allowed to tour the facility if scheduled in advance.
  • All clients have an “Access Authorization Form” on file which clearly indicates those individuals who can request and receive records.
  • Only a uniformed driver employed by The DocuTeam will physically deliver records to an authorized recipient. All file or box transactions are documented with a signature by an authorized recipient confirming receipt and retained on file indefinitely.
  • Records transported in delivery vehicles are kept locked and concealed at all times.
  • Individual files, X-Rays or medical records and other confidential documents are transported in either zippered pouches or crates to conceal the identity of the records.
  • The DocuTeam will not disclose or deliver any records to anyone other than an individual that is authorized unless specifically instructed to do so in writing.
  • All document destruction performed by The DocuTeam is done so by an authorized employee of The DocuTeam. The shredded documents are kept locked and then taken directly to be recycled.

DocuTeam Security

Download a PDF version of our Privacy & Security Policy.

  • Our facility is equipped with a 24-hour comprehensive fire and security system.
  • All new employees are subject to criminal and financial background checks in addition to pre-employment drug screening.
  • All employees have signed Confidentiality Agreements in place.
  • We have an active disaster recovery program in place including an on site power generator and a complete backup of the storage database is removed from the premise nightly.
  • Our facility is equipped with a 24-hour comprehensive fire and security system.
  • Appropriate firewalls and user security measures are in place to prevent “hackers”.
  • No direct client information is stored digitally; only box/item descriptions and their locations.