Document Shredding – 1-800-shredding


We’ll permanently eliminate your obsolete information by shredding and then recycling your documents and other materials, including:

  • Sensitive Materials
  • Folders/Files
  • Paper
  • Books
  • Blueprints
  • X-Rays
  • Pill Bottles
  • Hard Drives
  • Embedded Microchips
  • Textiles
  • Uniforms
  • And more, just ask.

In-House Collection.

Uncontrolled environments bring unavoidable risks. With In-House Collection Containers at your place of business, only you and The DocuTeam have a key. On your schedule, we securely remove all discarded content, shred it on site, and provide a certificate of destruction upon request.

One-Time Purge

Whether it’s required by law, a new fiscal year has arrived, or spring-cleaning is complete, you need your materials shredded—now. At your request, we’ll stop by your location to securely remove your materials, shred them on site, and provide a certificate of destruction.

Walk-In Shredding

If you only have a few papers or a few boxes of materials to shred, and don’t want us to pick them up, we have the solution. Walk in and drop them off at our Headquarters in San Luis Obispo anytime between 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday thru Friday for secure document destruction.

  • Be Compliant.

    Virtually every business in the U.S. is required to take reasonable measures to properly destroy discarded consumer information. It’s the law, and we help to ensure you meet industry standards.

  • Reduce Data Breaches.

    Don’t let your sensitive materials end up in a garbage bin for anybody to access. Our collection containers keep your materials locked up until they’re securely destroyed.

  • Save Time & Money.

    Standard office shredders are slow, only handle small loads, and steal your staff’s productivity. We serve your needs, without added equipment, salaries, benefits, or liability.

  • Create Your Schedule.

    Whether you want destruction services monthly, weekly, or one-time only, we deliver convenience by collecting and destroying your materials on your schedule and at your requested location.

  • Recycle. Reduce. Reuse.

    Almost all of our shredded materials recycled. Our recycling efforts help our customers to know that precious metals and other valuable components can be recovered from various types of materials.

Case Studies

Document Destruction for Business Consolidation

Services Provided:

On-site shredding of over 14,000 lbs of paper


Steel Fabrication

Client Need:

When a metal working company abruptly decided to close the doors of one of its facility, they didn’t foresee having two 40-foot containers filled with sensitive information left to close the doors on too. They needed these materials quickly destroyed and removed from the property, permanently. Having used The DocuTeam in the past, they knew whom to call.


DocuTeam’s Document Destruction Team alleviated top management’s concerns on how to properly destroy these materials and eliminate their potential risks. Within a week of receiving the request, over 14,000 lbs of paper had been securely destroyed. The materials were baled and recycled, leaving no sensitive information behind.