Document Storage


24/7/365 Pickup & Delivery.

Think of our staff as an extension of yours. When you need a stored document, we’ll deliver it; when you need a document stored, we’ll pick it up and file it appropriately.

Inventory Tracking

We organize and inventory your materials before they’re stored so that our detailed bar coding, data entry, and digital indexing system ensure your documents are readily accessible when you need them.

Custom Reporting

With our custom reporting options, you’ll know where your files are stored, how many are stored, who’s accessed them, and how much it’s costing you—per category, client, and container. We can provide reporting mechanisms sorted to your industry specific needs.

Historical Recall

With access to a historical report of when each of your documents are accessed, who accesses them, and how long they’re accessed for, you can recall your documents’ history and ensure their integrity.

Archival Destruction

When your documents reach the end of their required storage lifespan, we inform you, obtain your approval to destroy them, and securely shred them, while helping you to reduce your materials, handling, and storage costs.

Online Access

We offer our clients the ability to view records, run searches, pull reports, customize employee access, and request documents—all online.

  • Be Compliant.

    If your documents are stored in an office, home, or unsecure building, your business is at risk. Store with us; we’ll help you meet your industry regulations and keep you compliant.

  • Save Time & Money.

    Stop using storage space that’s costly and requires staff time to find files. We serve your needs, without added salaries, benefits, or liability. And you only pay for the space you use.

  • Protect Essential Data.

    Store your documents in our climate-controlled steel building protected by fire, sprinkler, and security systems; document recovery plans; and off-site information backup.

  • Experience Fast Service.

    We pick up and deliver your documents and answer your questions 24/7/365. We procedures keep your vital documents secure, accurately tracked, and available when and where you need them.

Case Studies

From Self Storage to Secure Document Storage


Storage of over 500 boxes.



Client Need:

Paying monthly rent on a 1,800SF facility to store 18 years worth of medical records just wasn’t paying off for one pediatric company. Their files were being stored on concrete blocks and wood shelving, which posed a big hazard when staff had to pull or file medical records for clients.


The DocuTeam individually barcoded each record to ensure everything was appropriate tracked in compliance with regulations, safely moving all boxes into their storage facility. With guidance from The DocuTeam, the client decreased overhead costs by eliminating rent on the 1,800SF office space, reduced employee hazards, increased productivity, and provided overall records organization.